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Deliver Black Dreams:

Deliver Black Dreams, a partnership between Maroon Arts Group, the city of Columbus, and the Greater Columbus Arts Council, uses public art as a launch point for a sustained and future-oriented approach to achieving racial equity in Columbus.


In the summer of 2021, Deliver Black Dreams’ latest mural was completed and will be a call to action for the youth of Columbus. Located on the Wilson Road railroad bridge on the West Side, the mural is intended to engage young people with an inspiring quote. Collaborators Shelbi Harris-Roseboro and Marcus Billingsley were a part of the effort behind the first Deliver Black Dreams mural on Fifth Avenue last year. They found out earlier this year they’d be working together on this latest mural. They both have a passion for kids and wanted to create something symbolically with them in mind.


The “Write It, Paint It Do It” mural was designed by Harris and Billingsley and painted by the artists, with help from project assistant Neisha Halloway, project manager Lisa McLymont, Jami Goldstein of GCAC, Sheri Neale of Maroon Arts Group and other volunteers. 

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