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Summer Jam West
Pursuing Good Together Mural

Summer Jam West is a nonprofit arts organization devoted to bringing music and permanent, public art to the Hilltop neighborhood in Columbus, OH. The two main objectives of their organization are commissioning public art, and hosting a free, grassroots arts & music festival, held annually on the 2nd Saturday of July in Westgate Park.


In 2020, Summer Jam West encouraged collaboration with other artists for their 2021 mural. The focus this year was on is mending our social fabric, and how we can bring people together again.  In that spirit, SJW selected me to be a part of a talented team of muralists to reflect their theme of "Pursuing Good Together". This theme reflects their desire for collaboration, unity, equality, and for working together to solve problems big and small.


Our team consisted of local Columbus artists Lucie Shearer, Thom Glick, and myself. 

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